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Hi! I'm glad you stopped by. After I'd been a photographer for a few months, I realised my passion lay in editing. I love looking at an untouched photo and bringing it to life. I will never stop photographing, but being a mum and a wife I realised I'd never have the time to fill my creative passion by just booking more shoots. So it's a win/win - you get your photos edited and I get to edit them :)


  • I edit bold and vibrant, lover of amazing skies and bright colours.

  • Turnaround within a week, if you have a tighter deadline just let me know!

  • My price is for the full edit - LR presets, basic adjustments (WB, Exposure, etc), cropping and straightening, brush tools and radial filters, and then finishing actions in Photoshop, and portraiture if you use it.

  • After editing a few galleries I realised I couldn't just offer 'basic edits' because I wanted to create magic in the photo, which includes my creative flair. It didn't feel right sending back a gallery that I hadn't used brushes on the skin,  brightened the eyes, and made the sky pop, that something extra to make it amazing, because the photographer had only payed for a 'basic edit'. 

  • So if you choose me to edit your galleries, you'll be getting my full energy and love and I'll spend the time on it as if it were my own gallery.

  • I always offer to edit a couple of images and send to you for feedback before completing the whole gallery, so you can decide if the feel is what you're after or have suggestions to change it.


  • up to 20 images $50

  • 20-50 images $100

  • $50+ images $120

  • Culling,  $20

  • Payment via PAYPAL

  • RAWS not JPEGS

I edit for a couple of photographers, and we have a personalised rate, based on workloads and the way they provide their galleries to their clients. So more than happy to chat about pricing, and work out an arrangement, based on what suits you. Please send me an email on jessika.vos@outlook.com.au or fill out the contact form.

Before & Afters
Before & Afters JMV.png

Here's some of my favourite photos