What should we wear?
//some helpful tips to make you feel your best

One of the most asked questions I get from my photography clients is 'what should I wear for our photos?'  It's important to feel comfortable at the session, and also look amazing in your final photographs!

Choosing attire for a photo session is a bit more complex than pulling a few favorites from the depths of your closet. Why? Things that look great in person, don't always translate on camera. And let's be real here... Professional photos? They're an investment! You don't want to leave your outfit to chance.

The goal is to find a style that's authentic to your family, but feels special at the same time.

Your outfits should be cohesive not "matchy-matchy."  Read on for some helpful tips :) ...

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A GREAT reason to dress up!

Let’s be real, when it comes to family sessions, sometimes you forget you can dress up! Take the time to put together a nice outfit that will make you FEEL good. Afterall, you're getting photos taken of you!

For the mums or girlfriends, long flowing dresses and skirts look amazing, because they flatter every female body. I recommend avoiding pants and shorts, and pulling out a dress instead.


Guys - bring out the chinos and a button down shirt! 

Long, fitted pants and closed-toed shoes are a very sophisticated look for men. Fitted dress pants or fitted solid-colored pants work best on camera. Denim looks great if it's nice denim. Pinstripes and plaid patterns tend to distract the eye. I also recommend staying away from graphics and logos. 
Feel free to mix a suit coat, blazer or sport coat with a different pant color. It adds some extra visual interest, and breaks up the color tones. 

Co-ordinate, don't match!

Long gone are the days of 'matchy matchy' where everyone wears white tops and black pants. I suggest you choose 3-4 neutral colours as a base and then use these colours to co-ordinate each outfit.

Location plays a part in colours, if we're headed to a large open field with not much colour, wearing bolder, brighter pops of colour will make a huge difference in the final images. If we're headed to a more 'foresty' location that has a lot of greenery, you could wear softer, more neutral colours so you stand out from the surroundings. 

A point to note, if you've looked through my gallery you'll see that I LOVE bright colours so don't be afraid to wear them! The key is co-ordinating with what everyone else is wearing :)


Ditch the obnoxious patterns

I don't mean to be rude but I have the end result in mind when I say this. Wearing clothing that has animals, flowers or faces all over it can be distracting. The same thing actually goes if the patterns are too small, they can cause distortion.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't wear a beautiful floral dress, plaid or stripes, but just keep it simple with only ONE member in a print.

Also, avoid LOGOS or business names on your outfits - the photos are about you, not your company!

Consider fabric and texture

A solid-colored fabric is always a winner, but if you don't want to wear (or don't have) a solid-colored dress, select a print that is minimalist and understated, rather than too bold. Think calicos, dainty florals, checkered patterns, or small stripes.

When you add textures through outfits and accessories, you are also making even the perfect family picture more lively and interesting.

One way is to look for outfits in fabrics like wool, chambray, lace, faux fur, cable knits, herringbone, and tweed. 

Thick chunky knits are also a perfect way to add the 'wintery vibe' to a photo, while keeping you warm at the same time!


Choose comfort AND style!

We want you to be comfortable for your photos AND look amazing, and it is possible :)

One of the best tips to follow it to avoid wearing too tight or baggy clothes. Whenever possible, wear properly fitted outfits that can highlight the body frame. Oversized and fitted clothes are not for everyone. Find clothes that are neither overly baggy nor too tight, and think about balance between your upper and lower half. If you have a flowing skirt, chose a fitted top, and with a loose top, choose skinny jeans. It’s all about balance.

Some final tips...

  • For a family session, start with mum's outfit! Or one of the kids. Choose something you love and feels flattering, and then choose co-ordinating colours from there

  • Avoid busy patterns and logos, strapless or sleeveless tops and neon colours

  • Classic will always be classic! Opt for timeless colours, textures and styles

  • Try your outfit on in advance so you have time to change plans if needed

  • Layers are always a great choice - adds interest and texture, and can help last minute weather changes!

  • Jump on PINTEREST and go browsing! Find a photo that makes you stare and see what they're wearing - is it the style, or the colours? 


Your family is perfectly imperfect! Take a deep breath and enjoy the moments connecting and making memories together! If you feel stressed, your kids will sense it and likely fall apart as well. Each and every family is beautiful even with all the quirks, imperfections and and rough edges. Embrace who you are as a family and let’s capture that!

Also, your memory of the session is intrinsically tied to the photo…so my goal as a photographer is to create a fun and memorable experience, playing and making memories with your kids so that when you look back at your photos, you are filled with only the warmest of feelings and love for those you cherish most!